Why Is Buying Property on Tenerife Island So Popular?

Investing in properties in different locations or simply buying houses for a living is becoming a popular trend among people who are tired of their current situations. Changing one’s city or country in the hope to acquire a better life is a common phenomenon now, and Spain is one of the top choices of locations. Tenerife Island is particularly attractive because of its unique characteristics. In particular, they include:  

  • Great weather all year long;
  • A variety of locations to pick from;
  • Low costs of living.


The weather in Tenerife is summer-like for all twelve months of the year. In late spring, summer, and early autumn, you’ll be able to engage in sunbathing on a constant basis. In other times, the lowest temperature is usually 14 degrees Celsius, which is rather mild. Everyone who’s yearning for consistently good weather should think about visiting Tenerife as a tourist or as a potential dweller. It is one of the reasons why the location is so popular. Who wouldn’t want to live in a sunlit haven?

Many Different Places

Tenerife is one of the biggest islands in Spain and it has different kinds of landscapes, meaning that any person can find their perfect location there. Purchasing a property on Tenerife is popular due to the attractions this place offers to even the most demanding people

First, containing one of the highest volcanoes in the world, Tenerife offers volcanic area along with its interesting sights and numerous beautiful beaches with warm, volcanic sand and clear water. Some people choose to buy their property right there. Others buy it elsewhere and simply visit this area occasionally.

The second point is mountains and valleys in which it’s also possible to buy property. People who come here mostly prefer secluded locations and a somewhat cooler weather, and while it remains warm, the heat is not as strong as it is on the beaches. There are many types of houses and villas there, from summer to luxury ones.

Pine forests are the third location where there are houses for purchase. People who buy them also seek quietness, seclusion, excellent weather, and proximity to other areas, such as the aforementioned beaches.    

House for Sale in Tenerife: What Else to Pay For?

Another reason why Tenerife house for sale is a great idea is the low costs of life on the island. The price of the house itself might range from mild to high, but other than that, you’ll be able to lead a very affordable life. The overall price for a single person with a house on Tenerife is 600$, which includes food, entertainment, and other expenses.

This, as well as the above-listed attractions, are why buying property on Tenerife is such a trend now. People have discovered the perfect place for living and they all seek to secure a place for themselves there.

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